Planning A Successful Lunch & Learn

Lunch and Learns are a great way to build relationships with potential clients while fostering understanding and growth in your company. Whether your objective is to bring in new clients or further educate your colleagues, food is always something to look forward to. Preparing for your lunch and learn is key to a successful meeting and grabbing your client’s attention. When done wrong, you might as well have given your presentation to an empty room. Here are some tips for executing the most effective lunch and learn for any type of business.

Prepare Your Presentation

Personalize your presentation to fit your audience. You may be presenting the same material that you have used a hundred times before. Do what you can to personalize for this group. Add logos and material that is relevant to their business. Not only will it show that you took the time to prepare, but it will tie in what they are most familiar with and make them more comfortable.

Dietary Needs

Now that you have people attending your lunch and learn, make sure your presentation is engaging and informative. A lot of people naturally want to make their presentations more vibrant with their own personal antidotes. Although a little charisma is great, distracting the client from the product or service is not the most effective way to win them over. They are attending to learn about what you have to offer and need the facts to do so. A great way to conclude your presentation is a product or gift card giveaway. When they see that product or gift card, they will think of you.

Food is the way to a anyone’s heart, so win them over at your next lunch and learn with preparation and great food from Monumental Food!