Corporate Catering for Every Mood and Occasion

We all know the wisdom saying that everything has its season. When it comes to corporate catering, we at Monumental Food have a meal for every season, mood, and event. We know you’ll be delighted with the flavor, the wide variety to choose from, and the service.

Lean + Delicious

  • Our delicious meals are available for those everyday needs of watching your calories and your nutrition, while still wanting the best tasting, most satisfying meals.
  • We have Hearty Salads with the protein of your choice, a wide choice of dressings, and healthy spring mix salads.

Feeling Indulgent?

  • For those occasions when you just want to relax and not count calories, we have amazing, hearty, and scrumptious meals that will please everyone in the crowd.
  • Consider our Braised Short Ribs that will satisfy any appetite.
  • Our famous Petite Sweet Desserts have a variety of bite sized treats including fruit tarts, mini cheesecakes, macaroons and more!

No time to stop?

  • We know that when business is booming, there are days when the whole team has to buckle down and work through lunch or even dinner.
  • Reward the loyalty and hard work of your employees with a great meal to keep their fires burning brightly!
  • Our Boardroom Box Lunches are nutritious and a real treat.